Are Solar Panels Worth It?

When I talk with friends, many of them question whether or not solar panels are worth the investment. When you install a new solar panel system, you have the up front costs of all the equipment, the installation costs, and minor ongoing maintenance costs.

On the other hand, you will eventually not have to pay any energy bill, so it might outweigh the initial installation cost.

The Benefits Of Using Solar On Any Building, Including A Greenhouse

For those gardeners who want their fruit, vegetables, and flowering plants to weather the cool temperatures of winter, a solar greenhouse may be just the solution that they are looking for. Not only are solar greenhouses great for conserving energy, but they also free up time for you to pursue projects year round. In the past, you may have been limited to certain growing seasons when it comes to cultivating those plants that are sensitive to cold. Plus, some solar panels can even work at night!

Solar greenhouses maintain temperature by trapping the suns energy (in the form of heat) that passes through the glass. This not only allows gardeners to grow a variety of plants year round, but also allows temperature-sensitive plants to get a head start when the growing season might otherwise only give them a limited time to achieve full growth.

However, regions that get extremely cold may require additional upkeep and maintenance for the solar greenhouse. For those extreme temperatures, gardeners who use a solar greenhouse may have to fit a thermostatically-controlled heater to ensure that plants are not damaged when the mercury dips below a certain level.

Even the fitment of a heater will ensure the solar greenhouse remains much more energy efficient than a greenhouse which requires external power to maintain an ideal temperature year round. This means that the gardener using a solar greenhouse is not only extending their growing season, but also saving on their electricity bill at the same time. If you have questions about this process or want to see how much a solar panel system will cost for you, call a solar install company to get a quote. Most of them provide free quotes over the phone or in person.

For those who don’t want to install a heater, another approach is to use commercially available Christmas lights. Red or green Christmas lights will not affect the plants as their day/night cycle will not be interrupted.

greenhouseSolar greenhouses will also cut down on the necessity for external light sources which may be required during the winter months to ensure the health of quick growing plants (such as tomatoes). Of course, if your region has extremely long nights, you may still have to supplement the available light, but you will save on electricity bills and having to replace expensive metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs. With a solar greenhouse, everyone can win: the environment, the plants, and the gardeners themselves.

If you have an interest in growing tropical plants, the solar greenhouse can provide the perfect environment to develop a tropical micro climate. This makes it far easier to grow such flowering plants as orchids and other exotic species.

Finally, a solar greenhouse allows you to have access to a tremendous source of many different vegetables and flowering plants throughout the year. Besides enjoying massive savings on organic produce, you will ensure a balanced and varied diet and the opportunity to decorate your home with the fruits (sometimes literally) of your labor.

In fact, there really is no downside to the installation of a solar greenhouse. They’re low maintenance and will provide 12 months of delight to the gardening enthusiast.